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10 february
– 16 june 2019


Curated by Tobia Bezzola, director and Francesca Benini, MASI, assistant curator


Exhibition project at Aargauer Kunsthaus curated by Peter Fischer, art historian and Julia Schallberger, Aargauer Kunsthaus, assistant curator


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Main partner MASI Lugano
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Surrealism Switzerland


MASI LACExhibitions


MASI, in collaboration with Aargauer Kunsthaus of Aarau, is about to tackle its first in-depth show on Surrealism, investigating both the influence that this fundamental movement of the 20th century has had on Swiss art and the contribution made by Swiss artists in defining it.

The exhibition at MASI comprises a hundred of artworks and starts with a general overview of the context and development of the surrealist movement through a wide and significant selection of documents and drawings. On display are the most important exponents of Swiss surrealism, including the two fundamental forerunners of the movement, Hans Arp and Paul Klee, and all main Swiss artists who influenced Surrealism, both as actual members of the Parisian movement - Alberto Giacometti, Serge Brignoni, Gérard Vulliamy, Kurt Seligmann and Meret Oppenheim - and as representatives of the new art in Switzerland, such as Otto Abt, Max von Moos, Walter Johannes Moeschlin, Werner Schaad, Otto Tschumi and Walter Kurt Wiemken.

The publication
The exhibition project is accompanied by a richly illustrated publication which, besides serving as a catalogue, rightfully claims to be the Swiss Surrealism Manual par excellence. The book, published both in Italian and German by Snoeck, includes important contributions by art historians Peter Fischer, Stephan E. Hauser, Julia Schallberger and Hans-Peter Wittwer, and contains the biographies of all artists included in the exhibition.

Artists in the exhibition
Otto Hans Abt (1903–1982)/ Hans Arp (1886–1966)/ Karl Ballmer (1891–1958)/ Walter Bodmer (1903–1973)/ Serge Brignoni (1903–2002)/ Hans Erni (1909–2015)/ Alberto Giacometti (1901–1966)/ Henriette Grindat (1923–1986)/ Paul Klee (1879–1940)/ Le Corbusier (1887–1965)/ Leo Leuppi (1893–1972)/ Ernst Maass (1904–1971)/ Walter Johann Moeschlin (1902–1961)/ Max von Moos (1903–1979)/ Meret Elisabeth Oppenheim (1913–1985)/ (Erich Wassmer) Ricco (1915–1972)/ Werner Schaad (1905–1979)/ Hans Rudolf Schiess (1904–1978)/ Sonja Sekula (1918–1963)/ Kurt Seligmann (1900–1962)/ Anita Spinelli (1908–2010)/ André Thomkins (1930–1985)/ Otto Tschumi (1904–1985)/ Jean-Pierre Viollier (1896–1985)/ Gérard Vulliamy (1909–2005)/ Walter Kurt Wiemken (1907–1941).