The Collection

MASI’s collection features over 14,000 artworks from the late 15th century to the present day, focusing primarily on artists associated with the region and the museum’s exhibitions, not only works by Ticino artists, but also by Swiss or international artists who have had meaningful connections with Italian-speaking Switzerland.

MASI is committed to developing this important cultural legacy through new acquisitions and donations.

The artworks belonging to the State Collection of Canton Ticino and the Collection of the City of Lugano were entrusted to MASI upon its foundation in 2015, with the objective of promoting them through exhibitions and loans to important national and international museums and exhibits – in addition to protecting them through conservation and restoration.


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Provenance research on the works of art in MASI Lugano

What is provenance research and what principles is it based on?
The aim of provenance research is to trace the ownership history of works of art, i.e. the transfers of ownership that have taken place from their creation to their arrival in the Museum’s collection.
This type of investigation has become ...