Sentiment and observation                             Art in Ticino

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Giovanni Giacometti, Evening on the Alp, 1906, Oil on canvas, Museo d'arte della Svizzera italiana, Lugano, Deposit of the Swiss Confederation, Federal Office of Culture, Bern

The collections of the MASI Lugano reflect the very special history of visual art in Ticino. Since the end of the 19th century, this history has been shaped not only by regional artists, but also by international artists, collectors, art dealers and art scholars who have found their adopted home in Ticino.

The collections particularly reflect the special nature of the Canton of Ticino with its Italian cultural identity on the one hand and its political affiliation with the Swiss federal state on the other.

The presentation of the collection, enriched by a number of high-calibre loans, intends to convey a picture of how art in Ticino moved and developed dynamically in its unique cultural field of tension from the years after the founding of the Swiss federal state until the end of the Second World War, and which influences from the South and from the North asserted themselves here. The exhibition follows the historical traces of late Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, to Symbolism, Expressionism, New Objectivity and Magic Realism, right up to the first blossoms of Surrealism.


Cuno Amiet /Pietro Anastasio / Albert Anker / Edoardo Berta / Umberto Boccioni / Filippo Boldini / Costante Borsari /Eugène Boudin/ Alexandre Calame / Paul Camenisch / Carlo Carrà / Gustave Eugène Castan / Luigi Chialiva / Adolf Dietrich/ Leonardo Dudreville / Conrad Felixmüller / Leonor Fini / Filippo Franzoni / Achille Funi / Augusto Giacometti / Giovanni Giacometti / Ferdinand Hodler / Karl Hofer / Moïse Kisling / Emilio Longoni / Henri Matisse / Francesco Messina / Claude Monet / Luigi Monteverde / Otto Morach / Albert Müller / Cherubino Patà / Camille Pissarro / Gaetano Previati / Anita Rée / Hans Richter / Christian Rohlfs / Luigi Rossi / Henri Rousseau / Alberto Salvioni / Hermann Scherer / Wilhelm Schmid / Richard Seewald / Mario Sironi / Adolf Stäbli / Niklaus Stoecklin / Félix Vallotton / Marianne von Werefkin / Robert Zünd


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    Sentiment and Observation. Art in Ticino 1850-1950. The MASI collections


Sentiment and Observation. Art in Ticino 1850-1950


Sentiment and Observation. Art in Ticino 1850-1950